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Well, hello! 

I love curating moments of creative exploration and community connection. 

I thrive on new experiences as they provide invaluable opportunities to broaden my knowledge, gain fresh perspectives on what's possible, and deepen my understanding of how people perceive and interpret the world. I embrace new opportunities with enthusiasm and view them as catalysts for excitement and imaginative growth towards the future.

My professional journey spans non-profit, corporate, and government sectors, where I've cultivated diverse skills in engaging with a wide range of audiences. Each project challenges me to innovate beyond conventional methods, continually evolving my approach. I eagerly anticipate opportunities to refine established techniques while exploring novel practices, artistic expressions, and innovative approaches.

My passion for curating moments of creative exploration and community connection drives my work, inspiring me to create spaces and experiences that not only captivate but also unite people through shared artistic expressions. I believe in the transformative power of art to ignite conversations, bridge divides, and promote a more inclusive society where every voice is heard and celebrated.

I love community, creativity and connection -- so feel free to connect with me! Send me an email at 

Photo: Negin Naseri @neginfotografy


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